Grace Life Ministry Team

Rick Sarver Co-Pastor / Teacher of Grace Life Fellowship. Originally from Idaho has been in the Myrtle Beach area for 10 years. Rick along with his wife DeAnn are also the owners of Boardwalk Coffee House in myrtle Beach. Rick believes that his main call is to help the body of Christ awaken to the message of the finished work of the cross, and to their new Identity in Christ. Rick has a passion to teach the word of Gods love and grace and to see the church set free to be all that God their heavenly Father created them to be In Christ.

David Hawkins Co- Pastor / Teacher of Grace Life Fellowship originally from the mountains of Tennessee, has been in Myrtle Beach, along with his family, for the past eight years. David believes that too many people are not experiencing a real relationship with the One who loves them the most.  Through the last fifteen years of full-time ministry the single most important element of David's  life has been experiencing the true love of God. It is his passion to pass on to others the goodness of our God.  It is through God's very best gift, Jesus Christ, that we come to understand God's love and goodness.  

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  1. This is the one!
    So many other churches left me feeling like I wasn't doing enough, that I was somehow inadequate, or that I was "in and out", and in and out again and again depending on my behavior at the moment. And with the church's misguidance, I would feel utterly condemned and defeated; so I would leave! I mean, who wants that!
    In Gracelife Fellowship & Ministries, I have learned that my right standing with God is NOT dependent on MY behavior. But is based completely on Jesus and what HE did at the cross. I am more free and alive than I've ever been because of the basic foundational truths I've come to by revelation in THIS church. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me to Gracelife!