God loves you

Gods love for you is unconditional. Gods love is not based on your perfect behavior. God has always loved you ! Even when you were in sin and acting like a fool God still loved you .. Gods love is not like picking petals on a daisy , He loves me , He loves me not ! No! the truth is that God loves you , He loves you and keeps on loving you because it’s who He is ! God is Love! God is not mad at you, He’s mad about you ! To surrender to God and to submit to God is to submit to Love. Religion has often given us a wrong  view of God .. Many believe that  God is out to get them or that God is always upset with them or very disappointed with them, But God is not like man! God is not moody ! God is not in a bad mood or good mood . God is Love and God is Good all the time . If you’d like  to know more about who God really is visit our website at www.goodnewsmhrtlebeach.com

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