The Apocalypse Now

What do you think about when you hear the word Apocalypse?  

Do think about the end of the world?  

Mass destruction? 

Mushroom clouds from nuclear blasts! 

Radiation fall out and poisoning ? 

Maybe even flesh eating Zombies roving the neighborhood streets ? 

Where does all this thinking come from? 

Some of this thinking comes from Hollywood but much has come from wrong religious teaching.

But did you know that the actual word for Apocalypse doesn’t even mean what we think it means? 

Apocalypse really means to reveal or to unveil of what has bern hidden? 

What if the Apocalypse was something we as believers in Christs should actually look forward too? 

What if the Apocalypse was really all about the revealing of what has been concealed or veiled? 

Like the gospel of grace? The finished work of the cross ? Our true identity in Christ? Our union with God? The true nature of God? The unconditional Love that God does have for us? 

Today, I believe that their is an escalation of the Apocalypse or the unveiling . 

What the enemy  has veiled for 2000 years is being unveiled and the more our minds are unveiled to the truth of the gospel then Christ in us the Hope of Glory will be revealed.

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