Being equipped with the kisses of God

Let him smother me with kisses-his Spirit-kiss divine. So kind are your caresses, I drink them in like the sweetest wine! Song of Solomon 1:2

Did you know that the word kiss in Hebrew  actually means to equip with weapons?

So the main way that we as believers are equipped for the work of the ministry is by allowing God our Father to embrace us and smother us with kisses !

Also our greatest weapon against the enemy who is the accuser is by embracing the Love that our Heavenly Father has for us.

Always remember we all have one Father who is in heaven and He loves us very much.

We all need to Embrace Our Fathers affection and love .

God is not mad at you, He’s mad about you !

Remember when the prodigal Son came home covered in mud and pig dung? The prodigal had a servant mentality but The Father wanted him to know he was a son..

The mud and the pig dung didn’t change his sonship .. or his value to the father .

So what did the father do ? He ran to him , fell on his knech and smothered him with kisses!

He also put a robe on him ,  a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet .. all of this was to Re-establish the sons true identity .

The Father wants to do the same with us .

Our Father wants to Smother us with His kisses and affection and wants us to know and receive the great love that He has for us so that we will be filled with all the fullness of God.

Our Father wants to put His a robe on us. The robe of righteousness.. knowing that we are in rightstanding with Him and that their is now no condemnation for all who are now in Christ, that we are now in perfect union with the Father who loves us very much.

Our Father wants to put a ring on Our finger, which gives us full authority and access to all that the Father has .. we are not slaves, but sons .. we are not beggars . We are the redeemed

Our Father wants to put shoes on our feet signifying that we are His children and not slaves . We are not unworthy, we are worthy because He has made us worthy ..

The Father delights in us .. as we receive the Fathers delight then we will become His light in this dark troubled world ...

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  1. I think we need to be careful with our use of the Hebrew language here (or any language). Just as in English, a word can have more than one meaning, and the meanings are different, and don't have anything to do with each other.

    An example in English is the word "present." I can think of at least four meanings. 1) I'm here. 2) The present (current) time. 3) To give or offer. 4) A gift.

    All the same word, but none of the words mean the same thing.

    I'm present in the present, so I present to you this present.

    When the Hebrew word for "kiss" is used in the context of using lips to kiss someone, it does not mean "to equip with weapons." God does not "equip us with weapons" when it's said that He kisses us. It's one Hebrew word, but it does not mean the same thing in Song of Solomon 1:2 as it means in, for example, Psalm 78:9 or 1 Chronicles 12:2.